Tuesday, 14 June 2016

"To Teach is to Milk"

A Message in the Pebbles. 

I believe in one-ness, I understand the concept that when one person does well the whole Universe does well.  But walking the path - truly living it-  is so much harder than knowing the path. There are many times when I  feel  the green-eyed resentment, competitiveness and jealousy that are so faraway from one-ness.  For me these feelings of comparison happen when I am doubtful about my own direction, which, because I am human, is often. I had a wave of these ice-cold emotions crash-over me this weekend; I am embarrassed to say that it was caused by an Online post that made me wonder if someone that had done a course of mine (one that took me a lot of time and effort to write and produce)  was copying parts of the course for her book and not crediting me.  I contacted her and she hadn’t copied any of the course, but I still felt rubbed up and even worse, I felt competitive! It got to me even more  because I felt guilty for feeling that way-I felt selfish for wanting to have ownership over information that was not mine, wisdom my guides had gifted me. Even bigger than the guilt was a deep fear-need to grip -on- tightly -to -what -was -“MINE.” These feeling  go against what I believe and are therefore horridly hard to experience. I understood  that they were showing me a ‘lack - consciousness’ in myself so I decided to work through them. I grabbed my note book and headed towards the beach. 
Under a pale pink sunset I let everything I  was feeling dribble from my pen onto my note book. Looking up for a moment and noticed a stone, it’s markings looked like a picture of a breast! 

I have learnt that when something it that symbolic it is worth paying attention to. I didn’t understand the message so on a clean page in my note book I  wrote the question:  

“Why did I find a breast-pebble?”

The answer came from my higher-self: 

“ To remind you that you have the power of life inside of you….your breasts and all breasts hold the milk that makes life. A mother will always produce enough milk. Let yourself know that you are a mother. There will be many who feed, who will suckle on the wisdom that you share. Be a mother to those that you inspire. Know that they cannot drain you, know that others can only take that which can be replenished. To teach, dear one, is to milk, to mother, to give your heart, to give your breast. It is to show infinite supply as you help another grow.  While you help them grow serve, feed, love, hold, support, inspire and set free as the great teachers of your life do for you. Know that just as a mother’s milk is perfect  for her child, that which you share is unique to those who will hear. You will always be mother and child, teacher and pupil. Know that when you are pupil all that you seek is already in the  stars of your cells. When you are teacher you will be blinded by your own knowing - the brightness of those stars. You are born and re-born every day. You will always be full of the milk that only you can give. Share willingly, Share freely, share abundantly… show others how to share.” 

I am sharing this because often there is an expectation for ‘spiritual' teachers to be better than their emotions,  above  the passions of jealousy and competition. “Spiritual” teachers feel all human woes because the reach true oneness  we must  learn to unravel all the isolated parts of ourselves. If I am honest, I don't  really believe that there are spiritual teachers, we are all teachers, we are all pupils and we  are all spiritual!  Whatever our message  is to the world: everyone has moments of wanting to hold on tightly for fear of losing what  they love. We all have days where we feel inadequate and triggers that make us compare ourselves with others. I share this message for because it allowed me to see the bigger picture in one of my many moments.  It helps remind me  that jealousy is just  the lower vibration of inspiration and competitiveness is only  the lower vibration of celebration. I am sharing this because it helped me and I hope it helps you. I am sharing this because I promised to share....... May sooth the days that feel lacking in love and direction.

So much love and blessings to you all