Thursday, 29 December 2016

A Spiritual View of the Deaths in 2016

I am writing this because I have seen many people distressed at the many deaths we have collectively felt in 2016.  I am sure that many, like me, will have been through personal deaths of loved ones. I feel called to share my guidance on ‘the deaths of this year’ because I hope that it will give those that are feeling overwhelmed with uncertainty and grief a new perspective, a sliver of hope. 

2016 is a 9 year (2+ 0+1+6  =9) 9 holds the energy of completion, we are at the end of what my guides say is a collective 4 year cycle in our ascension, death is possibly the most potent component of completion.  Reflecting back on this year, I see that it has, for me, been an education in Death. During the summer, I was doing an incredibly beautiful soul landscaping journey… wandering through the forests of my soul’s imagination I felt the world’s ancient trees embrace me as they showed me the energetic process of Alchemy. The Tree gives energy to the leaves, when the tree is ready it stops sending energy and lets go. Those leaves fall to the Earth, to her those leaves are not dead, they hold energy and that energy is processed into nutrients, into life force and gently gifted back into the forest. Everything in nature is recycled through the process of Alchemy. Understanding the process of alchemy lead me on a journey through my consciousness… I started to understand that all of my struggles and blocks were filled with energy, if I could let them go- let them die, all of that energy would be directed back to me. My own healing journey started to recycle itself and re-vitalise me. My guides channeled often about the power of grief, they spoke of how it is an emotional veil  that we must  pass through for real change. We can only truly let something go if we are willing to grieve what it is giving us. I was taught to ask what my pains and burdens where giving me and I was taught to grieve them ceremonially so the alchemical process that belongs to our conscious evolution could occur within me. Through the year  there were many lessons in embracing death, death of belief systems, death of ways of being, death of past manifestations and so on. 

Towards the end of the year, I ran a soul landscaping course on the 5 elements of the soul. This course was an immersion into each of the Elements, in creating it I realised that water is the mother of life… think of our space search for life in our solar system  - we look for signs of water, the only clue that life could have once been. The element of Earth is not the bringer of life but the holder of death-The Alchemist mother. The dark womb, where life waits to be born ( from the breaking of the waters. ) Mother Earth teaches us to die, to surrender, to trust that in doing so we belong to a cycle. She shows us that we are infinite, by showing us that everything is always recycled. She teaches us to belong. In her arms when we fall and we are caught because everything is valuable and sacred. 

After my education into energetic death, I feel a deep union with it. I feel that part of our reason for coming to Earth, for coming into form is to learn how to die. Spiritual growth comes from embracing the cycle of death and rebirth within ourselves and  lives.  I remember my guides saying to me in 2012 “ You are all infinite souls that come to Gaia to learn what it is not to be immortal because how else could you be grateful for you own infinity.”  Maybe this is why the ancient cultures of our world created temples for death because it is such a part of what we are here to understand. 

By the law of alchemy, death creates energy, it creates the ultimate energy. I once heard death say to me “I am the only god you all believe in.”  My instinct at the end of this 9 year, is that the death we have all felt profoundly is the creating of  a mighty new energy. My path began on 21st December 2012, I return home from light work in Avebury's stone circle to my grandfather being taken ill and going into hospital for his death. Later on my guides told me, that often when a persons path begins there is a death of someone they love. The death is like an energetic offering to their path… it is soul-contracted.  This was my grandfather’s gift to me and one day I will gift it to someone else. Walking my path I have discovered that this guidance resonates with many others who had similar experiences at the start of their paths. I share this with you now because I feel that the deaths of 2016 have been significant, they have gifted us energy for the new cycle, unlocked the collective alchemy process and helped to launch many new paths. 

Maybe at the end of this year we should be saying thank you to those souls who chose to pass not just for the incredible beauty of their lives but also the unknown service of their deaths. When we grieve those we loved and admired maybe we should ask what was the message of their life? How can their message belong, through us, to the new cycle that is being birthed? Where should we direct the energy of change that has been gifted to us? 
This feeling of so much death is, after all, a feeling that so much change is coming -even happening. Change that is much needed because in the words of a song I heard on the radio yesterday (unfortunately I didn't catch who the singer was) 
“ we can no longer be slaves to mad kings”

If you feel called to do the 5 Elements of the Soul course ( the soul landscaping course mentioned in the article) here is the link:

Thank you for reading!

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  1. This is so interesting Katy, thank you for your reflections. This year (2016) I have had two close family members deaths, which have been a huge process in grieving for me and my family. It is lovely to read your expressions of these as gifts for us walking our paths and it being the beginning of something, I really feel this in my personal life as we enter into a one year as well. Very interesting. Katie K xx

    1. I am so pleased the article was helpful to you Katie :) x