Thursday, 29 December 2016

A Spiritual View of the Deaths in 2016

I am writing this because I have seen many people distressed at the many deaths we have collectively felt in 2016.  I am sure that many, like me, will have been through personal deaths of loved ones. I feel called to share my guidance on ‘the deaths of this year’ because I hope that it will give those that are feeling overwhelmed with uncertainty and grief a new perspective, a sliver of hope. 

2016 is a 9 year (2+ 0+1+6  =9) 9 holds the energy of completion, we are at the end of what my guides say is a collective 4 year cycle in our ascension, death is possibly the most potent component of completion.  Reflecting back on this year, I see that it has, for me, been an education in Death. During the summer, I was doing an incredibly beautiful soul landscaping journey… wandering through the forests of my soul’s imagination I felt the world’s ancient trees embrace me as they showed me the energetic process of Alchemy. The Tree gives energy to the leaves, when the tree is ready it stops sending energy and lets go. Those leaves fall to the Earth, to her those leaves are not dead, they hold energy and that energy is processed into nutrients, into life force and gently gifted back into the forest. Everything in nature is recycled through the process of Alchemy. Understanding the process of alchemy lead me on a journey through my consciousness… I started to understand that all of my struggles and blocks were filled with energy, if I could let them go- let them die, all of that energy would be directed back to me. My own healing journey started to recycle itself and re-vitalise me. My guides channeled often about the power of grief, they spoke of how it is an emotional veil  that we must  pass through for real change. We can only truly let something go if we are willing to grieve what it is giving us. I was taught to ask what my pains and burdens where giving me and I was taught to grieve them ceremonially so the alchemical process that belongs to our conscious evolution could occur within me. Through the year  there were many lessons in embracing death, death of belief systems, death of ways of being, death of past manifestations and so on. 

Towards the end of the year, I ran a soul landscaping course on the 5 elements of the soul. This course was an immersion into each of the Elements, in creating it I realised that water is the mother of life… think of our space search for life in our solar system  - we look for signs of water, the only clue that life could have once been. The element of Earth is not the bringer of life but the holder of death-The Alchemist mother. The dark womb, where life waits to be born ( from the breaking of the waters. ) Mother Earth teaches us to die, to surrender, to trust that in doing so we belong to a cycle. She shows us that we are infinite, by showing us that everything is always recycled. She teaches us to belong. In her arms when we fall and we are caught because everything is valuable and sacred. 

After my education into energetic death, I feel a deep union with it. I feel that part of our reason for coming to Earth, for coming into form is to learn how to die. Spiritual growth comes from embracing the cycle of death and rebirth within ourselves and  lives.  I remember my guides saying to me in 2012 “ You are all infinite souls that come to Gaia to learn what it is not to be immortal because how else could you be grateful for you own infinity.”  Maybe this is why the ancient cultures of our world created temples for death because it is such a part of what we are here to understand. 

By the law of alchemy, death creates energy, it creates the ultimate energy. I once heard death say to me “I am the only god you all believe in.”  My instinct at the end of this 9 year, is that the death we have all felt profoundly is the creating of  a mighty new energy. My path began on 21st December 2012, I return home from light work in Avebury's stone circle to my grandfather being taken ill and going into hospital for his death. Later on my guides told me, that often when a persons path begins there is a death of someone they love. The death is like an energetic offering to their path… it is soul-contracted.  This was my grandfather’s gift to me and one day I will gift it to someone else. Walking my path I have discovered that this guidance resonates with many others who had similar experiences at the start of their paths. I share this with you now because I feel that the deaths of 2016 have been significant, they have gifted us energy for the new cycle, unlocked the collective alchemy process and helped to launch many new paths. 

Maybe at the end of this year we should be saying thank you to those souls who chose to pass not just for the incredible beauty of their lives but also the unknown service of their deaths. When we grieve those we loved and admired maybe we should ask what was the message of their life? How can their message belong, through us, to the new cycle that is being birthed? Where should we direct the energy of change that has been gifted to us? 
This feeling of so much death is, after all, a feeling that so much change is coming -even happening. Change that is much needed because in the words of a song I heard on the radio yesterday (unfortunately I didn't catch who the singer was) 
“ we can no longer be slaves to mad kings”

If you feel called to do the 5 Elements of the Soul course ( the soul landscaping course mentioned in the article) here is the link:

Thank you for reading!

Starlight Meditation 

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Creating a Vision for the Future:

Day 3 

Creating a Vision for the Future: 

My Perfect day! I have done this exercise before, where you visualise your perfect day. I have witnessed how powerful it is for manifesting. I also struggle with it because I find it hard to choose what my perfect day would be. I am greedy for perfect days - some of them are working, some of them are not. Some of them are surround by friends. Some of them are just me and my girl. Some are rock festivals, some are long country walks  and pub lunches.  Some of them are in Jungles, up mountains, on sandy beaches, some are wild adventures and some are inward soul journeys. I am glutinous for all life has to offer and my perfect life is a huge verity of perfect days. I confess I used to extend this exercise to my perfect few months just so I could squeeze in more of what I wanted! I had a realisation yesterday abut this need not to settle for just one perfect day. I was talking to the moon, whose golden light was shinning on the Brighton shore. I was talking about everything that was stressing me out and suddenly it clicked that for me  I want to a security and a freedom you get from knowing! I want to know the good, abundance, adventure, work, love, travel will continue. I no longer want to hold my breath and grip tightly to moments that are not mine to hold. …So here is my perfect day from the perspective of knowing:

Allowing my imagination to show me my dreams: 

I wake up in a beautiful, serene hotel cabin , knowing that I am ready for the day. I know that my body is full of vitality and my heart is full of gratitude. I wake up next to Kath and I know that our love is still growing. Kissing her beautiful face I slip out of the silky sheets. Drink pure water. I can hear the jungle one side of our wooden cabin and the waves of the ocean on the other side. 
I go to a meditation room where I begin my morning with Yoga, Meditation and channeling. I have a deep knowing and divinity with all of the practises. The guidances from my guides is joyful and expansive, the meditation is emotionally nourishing and the yoga wakes my body up. I know that my connection to mind body and spirit is perfect.  After a refreshing smoothie  we shower in a rainfall shower and then do some admin work. It is always so lovely to see and know that Starlight growing and to hear  and know how it is helping people.  Kath and I walk along this empty beach and find a shack for a breakfast. We know that all the food we eat  is fresh, organic,fair and picked from the land. We talk animatedly and deeply. We are excited about the event that we are holding that afternoon. I can focus upon it because I know that I will  sell out events to all the places I am called and that the  people who are meant to be there will be. We  know we have sold out retreats and workshops. We know starlight is reaching around the globe and healing many people through books and webinars. We know that we have followed the signs and guidance - we are in service and alinement with the highest good of all. We know all of this, we are relaxed, flowing and surrendered to our paths. Since we know we can shut off  from work, we laugh and talk about new things. That afternoon we are holding two ceremonies one  for the sea and one for the land. We know these ceremonies have been called, it is magic that has carried us here. Many people will be come to assist. We have beautiful gongs and singing bowls. We know we have the best equipment and boats for the job. Everyone gathers, there is so much excitement. So much connection. We begin with a beautiful channeling ceremony on the beach. A white bird feather falls into the centre of our circle - the ceremony is emotional, poetic and sacred. The group then takes the boat out to sea, we are guided to the portal, which we open with  an incredible  peaceful unity energy. The dolphins work with us - it is amazing seeing them move with the energy. We swim with them until the setting sun turns the sea crimson. We eat fresh fish, laugh and sing as the boat brings us to shore. We get signs so that we know we have helped the sea and each other. The group say their heartfelt good byes. We know that people will sign up to our next retreat because of this event and so we know we will see them again. We know the next journey retreat will take us to whole knew levels of freedom and light. Kath and I know that tomorrow we will be going on an adventure into the Jungle that will bring us so much wisdom. We know our business is blooming. We know we have finical security and we know we have enough to help many others. We know our paths, ourselves and each other. I know my gifts of connection are flourishing. I know I belong. I know who I am and that all my dreams are coming true. I know my beautiful house is safe and our camper van that we love is too. I know how to truly live in empowered way, I know I am helping the whole in all that do. Making lives better and raising the vibration of the planet. I know endless love. I know I have friends all of the world. Kath and I drive to another beach, there is live music, dancing singing under the stars. We know we are blessed and we celebrate all of life. Driving back to our hotel cabin we talk about the amazing joys and funny moments we have had that day. We know there is more to come. Tired, high on life and flushed with the magical experiences of the day I fall into Kath’s arms and  a gloriously happy sleep, listening to the cries of the jungle. 

I have put the word know into this day as often as possible… I want the freedom of knowing. Sitting on the beach yesterday I was moved by the realisation that the invocation for my channeling course ( which starts tomorrow) is all about knowing: 

May you know the truth that is yours to know
May you meet it with every sense of your body 
May  this truth translate the ancient ways for you
As  the stars in your cells remember 
May you feel the pulse of this truth 
In the arch of each step that treads your path
May your adventure be a beautiful one
as you spiral into who  you will become 
May your heart sing open 
as you recall your truth to you
  speaking  many  Languages of Love
May you allow yourself to belong
to the truth that is yours to know
to the magic that surrounds you 
May much  move and   flow-ers within you
as you allow yourself to know
the truth that is yours 
to know 

How well the higher self foresees what we need! I have no doubt that this course will break open my need to know. It will teach me how to live my own knowing and for that I am deeply grateful. 

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Why do I want to live the Freedom lifestyle?

My Living a Life of Freedom  Blog Challenge

Day 2

Why do I want to live the Freedom lifestyle? 

For me freedom is more than a lifestyle. It is the key to thriving. When something is not free, it becomes an unnatural version of itself. We, collectively value freedom so much that taking it away is the main form of punishment in the western world. Freedom is nature. The natural kingdom  swings, runs, sores, eats, travels, loves and grows freely. For me, being free means that I am at one with Earth, that I am choosing life, choosing to thrive. Being free means I choose when I work and when I rest. I choose when I play. It means I can travel, grow and become more of myself. I can live limitlessly. It is about choice and the space to hear the choices I make.  It is about setting my self free from fear  based choices and replacing them with heart based ones. I love how the word heart has the word hear inside of it. 
Can you hear your heart? My freedom is about making sure I can hear my heart as loudly and clearly as possible. It is about hearing my heart beyond the neon-thought-percriptions of capitalism, corporatism and  consumerism. My freedom shines in the faith I have in my heart.  I know that if I hear my heart, I will transcend the myths that make human life on  so destructive and unhappy. My heart will take  me back to nature, because my heart beats with nature.  My hearts belongs to nature. All Hearts belong to Nature.  My work gives people space to hear their hearts, it helps them to reconnect to the ancient ways, the nature ways. I firmly believe that hearing our hearts is key to thriving, freedom and our survival. We are collectively hurting the planet because we are living as unnatural versions of ourselves. We must return to the way of the heart, to the way of listening, the way of nature so that we have the freedom to thrive. 

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1

Saturday, 10 September 2016

My Challenge to Living a Life of Freedom

My Challenge to Living a Life of Freedom 

Day 1

So this is day one of a 10 day blog challenge  which I am doing because of the incredible number of half finished blogs I have saved on my desktop. I am someone who loves to write, whose darkest moments have pulsed with poetry.  I love to take words beyond their own boundaries and in my moments of crisis it is writing that has saved me by taking me beyond the boundaries of my own pain. That said, when I am in a good place, my love affair with words gets put at the bottom of my to do list. I hope that this challenge will be kindling for  a new way of writing, one that is from joy instead of need. 

The first question of this challenge is what are your  biggest blocks to living a life of freedom?

Freedom is something that I feel I have. I am self employed and choose when I work, I travel often, I am doing my dream job, I am deeply grateful for my life that I love. The consciousness work have done, is paying off in beautiful way. That said, our horizons travel with us so there is always more to heal. For me consciousness healing is archaeological process, beliefs are often buried on top of each other. I have many blocks, some are more uncovered than others, some have been fully excavated from my life, others are still buried in my desert memories. Like all good digs, you find a block and then must spend months sometimes years digging deeper in order to get the full picture. 

One of the biggest blocks I am working through at the moment is that I am a work alcoholic; this is often the ‘curse of self employment” you work harder because it is your baby, you work because you never quite know what the next few months will bring, you work harder because there is no ‘going home time.’ I am from a family of  self employed over-workers. During the heartache of my teenage-hood my dad’s most common advice  to my dramas said in his cavernous american voice was ”Kate,  you just need to throw yourself into your work. ”  I saw my family work 365 days a year, they work on Christmas day… so working hard is very much  my normal.

 At the end of last year I was stopped from working, my spirit guides held an intervention! With horror I faced not working, looking deep into the emotions and belief systems around this ‘crazy concept’ I realised that work made me feel worthy.  I  have slowly been unlearning the belief that if you don't work hard, ever so hard, you are not worthy of good things.  I have been witness to my desperate fears and feelings of unworthiness. I have loved them anyway.  I have slowly  started to let my self be worthy, without  bone exhaustion. I have started to unstitch my life and work hours and both are better for it. So things are changing. 

There are however   times when I catch myself in the habit of working too hard. I no longer overload myself with work actions and hours. However I  still struggle with mentally letting go of work. The Maternal- womb- love I have for my business makes me want to “keep checking on it,” which thanks to smart phones is all too easy to do.  I know that all is better when I don’t over work, I have seen the many rewards of rest, play and letting go  and yet  sometime detaching feels so hard.  

This block is half healed because there is still a part of me that sometime succumbs to my work,work,work,work,work addiction.  I know because I stop listening to myself in those moments. The energy of my work  intention changes, it becomes a flogging and a longing in one.  I have been slipping into this  energy in the last few weeks. I can feel the dizziness in my mind, and sense the strain it is having on my relationship.  So I guess  it is time to dig deep, again, to see what is beneath the need to be worthy, to go into the darksand that hides below what I already know.   I am happy to though, I know how much freer I will become when I find the next  belief that creates  this block . Time for new archaeological finds! 

“This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1 []


Tuesday, 14 June 2016

"To Teach is to Milk"

A Message in the Pebbles. 

I believe in one-ness, I understand the concept that when one person does well the whole Universe does well.  But walking the path - truly living it-  is so much harder than knowing the path. There are many times when I  feel  the green-eyed resentment, competitiveness and jealousy that are so faraway from one-ness.  For me these feelings of comparison happen when I am doubtful about my own direction, which, because I am human, is often. I had a wave of these ice-cold emotions crash-over me this weekend; I am embarrassed to say that it was caused by an Online post that made me wonder if someone that had done a course of mine (one that took me a lot of time and effort to write and produce)  was copying parts of the course for her book and not crediting me.  I contacted her and she hadn’t copied any of the course, but I still felt rubbed up and even worse, I felt competitive! It got to me even more  because I felt guilty for feeling that way-I felt selfish for wanting to have ownership over information that was not mine, wisdom my guides had gifted me. Even bigger than the guilt was a deep fear-need to grip -on- tightly -to -what -was -“MINE.” These feeling  go against what I believe and are therefore horridly hard to experience. I understood  that they were showing me a ‘lack - consciousness’ in myself so I decided to work through them. I grabbed my note book and headed towards the beach. 
Under a pale pink sunset I let everything I  was feeling dribble from my pen onto my note book. Looking up for a moment and noticed a stone, it’s markings looked like a picture of a breast! 

I have learnt that when something it that symbolic it is worth paying attention to. I didn’t understand the message so on a clean page in my note book I  wrote the question:  

“Why did I find a breast-pebble?”

The answer came from my higher-self: 

“ To remind you that you have the power of life inside of you….your breasts and all breasts hold the milk that makes life. A mother will always produce enough milk. Let yourself know that you are a mother. There will be many who feed, who will suckle on the wisdom that you share. Be a mother to those that you inspire. Know that they cannot drain you, know that others can only take that which can be replenished. To teach, dear one, is to milk, to mother, to give your heart, to give your breast. It is to show infinite supply as you help another grow.  While you help them grow serve, feed, love, hold, support, inspire and set free as the great teachers of your life do for you. Know that just as a mother’s milk is perfect  for her child, that which you share is unique to those who will hear. You will always be mother and child, teacher and pupil. Know that when you are pupil all that you seek is already in the  stars of your cells. When you are teacher you will be blinded by your own knowing - the brightness of those stars. You are born and re-born every day. You will always be full of the milk that only you can give. Share willingly, Share freely, share abundantly… show others how to share.” 

I am sharing this because often there is an expectation for ‘spiritual' teachers to be better than their emotions,  above  the passions of jealousy and competition. “Spiritual” teachers feel all human woes because the reach true oneness  we must  learn to unravel all the isolated parts of ourselves. If I am honest, I don't  really believe that there are spiritual teachers, we are all teachers, we are all pupils and we  are all spiritual!  Whatever our message  is to the world: everyone has moments of wanting to hold on tightly for fear of losing what  they love. We all have days where we feel inadequate and triggers that make us compare ourselves with others. I share this message for because it allowed me to see the bigger picture in one of my many moments.  It helps remind me  that jealousy is just  the lower vibration of inspiration and competitiveness is only  the lower vibration of celebration. I am sharing this because it helped me and I hope it helps you. I am sharing this because I promised to share....... May sooth the days that feel lacking in love and direction.

So much love and blessings to you all 

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Birthing a Drum

Birthing a Drum – a lesson in patience     

Today I made a shamanic drum. 

I have needed a drum for years but drums come to us when the time is right. Early on in my path I made the mistake of ordering a drum, for very little cost, on the Internet.  It was quick, convenient and cheap and as a result the drum’s sound was empty, like the plastic it was made from. 
These days convenience  and money are not such important factors to me. The more I value my path the more I recognise the importance of good quality tools.

When I ordered that drum I didn’t really want a drum, I wanted the idea of a drum. It would be a long time before I actually knew what it meant to want a drum. Rhythm is definitely not a strong point for me. I have danced out of time – to the amusement of my friends – for years. My general technique for drum circles was to hit the simplest beat, very quietly, and hope that no one noticed the Jazz notes!

In November 2015 I was in a drumming circle as part of a retreat I was on. We started by connecting to the drum, as a spirit, remembering the animal whose skin had been used for it. Making a connection with the drum shifted me. That night, round the fire, the drum played me. I felt like I was riding the rhythm, I felt it move my beater for me. For someone who has never experienced what “being in time” means this was a miracle! It was also the first moment that I truly deserved to be the owner of a drum.That night I spoke, from my heart, about how I wanted to make my own drum and today, the 11th of March, 2016, I made a drum with  two of the women I had spoken so passionately to that night. 

We went to a beautiful centre on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent. The journey was by no means convenient. I had to get up at 5.30 am but I am learning that things that rare are not meant to be convenient. The Universe says “Go on, show me how much you really want this….”  Sleepy eyed, I stepped out of the door into a foggy London sunrise. The fog felt so resonant, I am at the end of a cycle that started in November. My winter has been one of soul searching and finally something’s coming into view, I’m beginning to see where I am going, if a little frustrated that I am not quite there yet. I feel like a ship seeing a blurry lighthouse in the mist and the drum is one big symbolic lit-up step closer to shore, to port. 

I traveled on several trains to Sheppey, photographing countryside I had never seen, being inspired by it being so close and easy to reach. My thoughts were filled with nature, I could feel my animal guides around me. Including my Grandparents’ dog Piccio – Piccio who hasn’t been with me for a long time.  Drums belong to Animal spirits and mine we here to support me. 

 Full of energy I arrived at this beautiful shamanic centre where so much love, care and detail had been put into the land and workshop spaces. 

After an emotional opening ceremony it was finally time to make the drums! 

Lynn was holding the workshop; she was assisted by Lewis and Chrissy. These three people were so knowledgeable and passionate about drums and how to  make them that they will only run the workshop for four people, so that get you all the attention and energy you need. They are the midwives in the drum-birthing process. You can imagine that this workshop was not cheap. I am so happy it wasn’t. This was not drum making with a kit course. This was the real deal. We were taught the craft of drumming making, which is priceless because of the  bond your form with your drum. We searched the hide, running our fingers over scars and holes, choosing the piece of skin that was right for the drum. Being in a room with five hides you realise how different, how individual each animal is, your drum is unique and this is how it becomes precious to you. Making a drum takes time, concentration, arm strength and patience but it is a meditative experience. You start to listen to the hide with your fingers. You start to understand the textures and tensions. The drum starts to teach you. 

I loved the earthy, spiritual energy that Lynn wrapped the day in, every step began with honouring the materials. The drums were becoming sacred because we were becoming grateful for them. Lynn was very honest. She started the day by saying, “How can you make an ethical drum? Maybe if you are walking in the woods and an animal  drops dead of natural causes in front of you, maybe that would be ethical. We get our hides from animals that are killed by humans for other reasons. We believe that making the skins into drums gives them life again. They live through the music of the drum.” We sage’d the skins before working with them. Watching the smoke curl around the bullet holes, I felt my deer’s shock, fear and pain. I also felt her, I knew in my gut she was female. I knew she was a mother. I could feel her personality and it was inspiring the drum, she was becoming my guide. I chose a piece of skin that has vain lines running through it because I want this deer’s heart to be inside the drum. I want her life-force inside the sound. 

We also branded our drums, burning  words into the wooden rings. I wrote a line that honoured the shamanic song that I first played ‘in time’ with back in November 

“Mother I hear you”

I felt I was remembering that song -moment, committing to listening to the drum, speaking for the mother-deer and promising to use her for the good of the Earth all in one go. 

Making a drum is not quick, it took 10 hours and it now needs to dry for 12-14 days. You have to be patient, something that we rarely have to be in the age of ‘one-click-and-it-is -yours’. But this is not drum buying, it is drum birthing and birthing belongs to nature, who always takes her time. Drum making teaches you patience, it’s not meant to be quick. You have to form  a connection that matures and unfolds. 

We ended the day in meditation, lying down with our new drums on top of our hearts.  Lynn, Chrissy and Lewis drummed us into a deep meditation and connected with the spirits of the drum. I met my mother deer and the trees that gifted the wood to my drum. I had visions mystical forests and heard ancient languages while my drum and me filled up with the Earth. I came out of the meditation with the feeling that it was the other way around,  my drum has been birthing me all day.  

My drum was dedicated in the first fire ceremony of 2016 - the Equinox Fire that open’s my light work for the year.

Getting this drum was not cheap, easy or quick. She is not a  cheap easy or quick drum, she is a sacred, priceless, living drum. I know I can lean on this drum, I can trust her. I have not  heard this drum, but I know her sound already, I know the story of her sound. I know we love each other. I know this drum will come round the world with me. 

First stop for my drum and me will be Ibiza, reconnecting the light Journey in May. We have spaces available, on this magnificent white Isle Earth journey!  I know this Light work for this journey is going to spectacular, ‘integrational’ and transformational

To find out more here is the link: 

So much love and  many blessings to you 
Katy xx