Sunday, 11 September 2016

Why do I want to live the Freedom lifestyle?

My Living a Life of Freedom  Blog Challenge

Day 2

Why do I want to live the Freedom lifestyle? 

For me freedom is more than a lifestyle. It is the key to thriving. When something is not free, it becomes an unnatural version of itself. We, collectively value freedom so much that taking it away is the main form of punishment in the western world. Freedom is nature. The natural kingdom  swings, runs, sores, eats, travels, loves and grows freely. For me, being free means that I am at one with Earth, that I am choosing life, choosing to thrive. Being free means I choose when I work and when I rest. I choose when I play. It means I can travel, grow and become more of myself. I can live limitlessly. It is about choice and the space to hear the choices I make.  It is about setting my self free from fear  based choices and replacing them with heart based ones. I love how the word heart has the word hear inside of it. 
Can you hear your heart? My freedom is about making sure I can hear my heart as loudly and clearly as possible. It is about hearing my heart beyond the neon-thought-percriptions of capitalism, corporatism and  consumerism. My freedom shines in the faith I have in my heart.  I know that if I hear my heart, I will transcend the myths that make human life on  so destructive and unhappy. My heart will take  me back to nature, because my heart beats with nature.  My hearts belongs to nature. All Hearts belong to Nature.  My work gives people space to hear their hearts, it helps them to reconnect to the ancient ways, the nature ways. I firmly believe that hearing our hearts is key to thriving, freedom and our survival. We are collectively hurting the planet because we are living as unnatural versions of ourselves. We must return to the way of the heart, to the way of listening, the way of nature so that we have the freedom to thrive. 

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1

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