Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Creating a Vision for the Future:

Day 3 

Creating a Vision for the Future: 

My Perfect day! I have done this exercise before, where you visualise your perfect day. I have witnessed how powerful it is for manifesting. I also struggle with it because I find it hard to choose what my perfect day would be. I am greedy for perfect days - some of them are working, some of them are not. Some of them are surround by friends. Some of them are just me and my girl. Some are rock festivals, some are long country walks  and pub lunches.  Some of them are in Jungles, up mountains, on sandy beaches, some are wild adventures and some are inward soul journeys. I am glutinous for all life has to offer and my perfect life is a huge verity of perfect days. I confess I used to extend this exercise to my perfect few months just so I could squeeze in more of what I wanted! I had a realisation yesterday abut this need not to settle for just one perfect day. I was talking to the moon, whose golden light was shinning on the Brighton shore. I was talking about everything that was stressing me out and suddenly it clicked that for me  I want to a security and a freedom you get from knowing! I want to know the good, abundance, adventure, work, love, travel will continue. I no longer want to hold my breath and grip tightly to moments that are not mine to hold. …So here is my perfect day from the perspective of knowing:

Allowing my imagination to show me my dreams: 

I wake up in a beautiful, serene hotel cabin , knowing that I am ready for the day. I know that my body is full of vitality and my heart is full of gratitude. I wake up next to Kath and I know that our love is still growing. Kissing her beautiful face I slip out of the silky sheets. Drink pure water. I can hear the jungle one side of our wooden cabin and the waves of the ocean on the other side. 
I go to a meditation room where I begin my morning with Yoga, Meditation and channeling. I have a deep knowing and divinity with all of the practises. The guidances from my guides is joyful and expansive, the meditation is emotionally nourishing and the yoga wakes my body up. I know that my connection to mind body and spirit is perfect.  After a refreshing smoothie  we shower in a rainfall shower and then do some admin work. It is always so lovely to see and know that Starlight growing and to hear  and know how it is helping people.  Kath and I walk along this empty beach and find a shack for a breakfast. We know that all the food we eat  is fresh, organic,fair and picked from the land. We talk animatedly and deeply. We are excited about the event that we are holding that afternoon. I can focus upon it because I know that I will  sell out events to all the places I am called and that the  people who are meant to be there will be. We  know we have sold out retreats and workshops. We know starlight is reaching around the globe and healing many people through books and webinars. We know that we have followed the signs and guidance - we are in service and alinement with the highest good of all. We know all of this, we are relaxed, flowing and surrendered to our paths. Since we know we can shut off  from work, we laugh and talk about new things. That afternoon we are holding two ceremonies one  for the sea and one for the land. We know these ceremonies have been called, it is magic that has carried us here. Many people will be come to assist. We have beautiful gongs and singing bowls. We know we have the best equipment and boats for the job. Everyone gathers, there is so much excitement. So much connection. We begin with a beautiful channeling ceremony on the beach. A white bird feather falls into the centre of our circle - the ceremony is emotional, poetic and sacred. The group then takes the boat out to sea, we are guided to the portal, which we open with  an incredible  peaceful unity energy. The dolphins work with us - it is amazing seeing them move with the energy. We swim with them until the setting sun turns the sea crimson. We eat fresh fish, laugh and sing as the boat brings us to shore. We get signs so that we know we have helped the sea and each other. The group say their heartfelt good byes. We know that people will sign up to our next retreat because of this event and so we know we will see them again. We know the next journey retreat will take us to whole knew levels of freedom and light. Kath and I know that tomorrow we will be going on an adventure into the Jungle that will bring us so much wisdom. We know our business is blooming. We know we have finical security and we know we have enough to help many others. We know our paths, ourselves and each other. I know my gifts of connection are flourishing. I know I belong. I know who I am and that all my dreams are coming true. I know my beautiful house is safe and our camper van that we love is too. I know how to truly live in empowered way, I know I am helping the whole in all that do. Making lives better and raising the vibration of the planet. I know endless love. I know I have friends all of the world. Kath and I drive to another beach, there is live music, dancing singing under the stars. We know we are blessed and we celebrate all of life. Driving back to our hotel cabin we talk about the amazing joys and funny moments we have had that day. We know there is more to come. Tired, high on life and flushed with the magical experiences of the day I fall into Kath’s arms and  a gloriously happy sleep, listening to the cries of the jungle. 

I have put the word know into this day as often as possible… I want the freedom of knowing. Sitting on the beach yesterday I was moved by the realisation that the invocation for my channeling course ( which starts tomorrow) is all about knowing: 

May you know the truth that is yours to know
May you meet it with every sense of your body 
May  this truth translate the ancient ways for you
As  the stars in your cells remember 
May you feel the pulse of this truth 
In the arch of each step that treads your path
May your adventure be a beautiful one
as you spiral into who  you will become 
May your heart sing open 
as you recall your truth to you
  speaking  many  Languages of Love
May you allow yourself to belong
to the truth that is yours to know
to the magic that surrounds you 
May much  move and   flow-ers within you
as you allow yourself to know
the truth that is yours 
to know 

How well the higher self foresees what we need! I have no doubt that this course will break open my need to know. It will teach me how to live my own knowing and for that I am deeply grateful. 

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3

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